Online dating beadenkopf

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Online dating beadenkopf

Jim Mickey, CF, FF2, CFM, EMT, Somerset (OH) Fire & EMSB8 - Getting Started with FEMA LOMR Delegation---The SARA Experience by Joe G.Fernandez, CFM, San Antonio River Authority; Daniel Aguilar, PE, CFM, San Antonio River Authority B8 - Digital Data and Modeling Repository (D2MR): Model Information Management using GIS-based System by Durmus Cesur, Ph D, PMP, PE, CFM, San Antonio River Authority B8 - Keeping FEMA Flood Hazard Products Up to Date While Mitigating Increased Flood Risks by Namrata Batra, Ph D, CFM, URS Corporation; Pradeep Chettri, CFM, URS Corporation Ed Curtis, PE, CFM, Regional Engineer, FEMA Region IX Risk Analysis Branch; Douglas Marcy, Coastal Hazards Specialist, NOAA Coastal Services Center; Charley Chesnutt, Coastal Engineer, USACE; Allison Hardin, CFM, Planner, City of Myrtle Beach C3 - Higher Standards: When Paying a Little More Costs a Lot Less by Eric Kenney, PE, CDM Smith C3 - Floodplain Management Regulations – How Much Are They Worth in Reducing Losses?

Conference Plenary and the ASFPM Awards Ceremony videos are currently being edited and will be added to this page when we complete production.Brody, Texas A&M University at Galveston B3 - NFIP Reform Suggestions From the Field by Melanie Gall, Ph D, CFM, Louisiana State University; Emily Powell, Louisiana State University; Daniel Monchuk, World Bank Group B3 - Toward a Room for the River(s) Policy in the USA by Jonathan W. Remo, Ph D, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; Nicholas Pinter, Ph D, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; Jennifer Dierauer, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; Fredrik Huthoff, Ph D, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale B4A - City of Austin – Floodplain Buyout Program: Creating Successful Partnerships by Pamela Kearfott, PE, CFM, City of Austin - Watershed Protection Department B4A - Drew Valley Flood Mitigation – A Losses Avoided Success Story Verified During the Historic Atlanta September 2009 Flood Event by Duncan Hastie, PE, Dewberry B4A - Creeks Gone Wild: Buyouts and Studies after Rush Creek Flooding in Arlington, TX by Audra Valamides, PE, CFM, City of Arlington; Mandy Clark, PE, CFM, City of Arlington B4B - FEMA's Average Annualize Flood Loss Study Update by Thomas Schweitzer, PE, GISP, CFM, STARR; Eric Berman, FEMA-HQB4B - Update on Use of Hazus for FEMA Risk MAP Flood Risk Products by Dr.Shane Parson, PE, CFM, URS Corporation B4B - Georgia M. P.: Complete Flood Risk Assessment in the Chattahoochee River Basin by Eric Coughlin, CFM, GISP, Atkins B5 - Levee Safety Portfolio Risk Management by Michael Bart, USACE – Minneapolis District B5 - Planning for Non-Routine Activities by Maria Wegner-Johnson, USACE – HQB5 - Flood Inundation Map and Warning System for Downtown St.Schwartz, Ph D, PWS, CDM Smith D5A - Combining Conservation & Hazard Mitigation: The Case for Dam Removal and Stream Restoration in Flood Damage Reduction by Sara Strassman, CFM, American Rivers D5A - Evaluation of Set-Back of Flood-Damaged Missouri River Levees for Increased Flood Risk Reduction and Environmental Enhancement by Randall Behm, PE, CFM, U. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District; Tony Krause, PE, CFM, U. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District D5B: 2011: Levees vs.the Missouri River D5B - A Levee Sponsor's Perspective on the Historic 2011 Flooding by Amanda Grint, PE, CFM, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (Omaha, NE)D5B - The Summer 2011 Missouri River Flood Fight to Protect the City of Council Bluffs, IA by Barry J.

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Punchard, AICP, CFM, AECOMC4 - Regional Watershed Improvement Planning: Using Customized GIS Tools to Support a Diverse Stakeholder Group by Andy Wohlsperger GISP, CFM, AECOM; Erik Rourke, USACEC4 - Mapping to Mitigation: Benefits of New Coastal Flood Studies by Jonathan Westcott, PE, FEMA-HQ; Darryl Hatheway, CFM, AECOMC5 - Record Rains - Record Levee Slides: How the City of Dallas Flood Control District Responded to the Challenge by David F.

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