Pamela adlon louis ck dating

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Lately, they've both been doing their own thing when not on Louie, but their chemistry on the show can't be denied.Even if Pamela (the character) acts like Louie is simply a bro she finds somewhat attractive, it's apparent that she has deeper feelings for him.Naturally, Pamela follows him back, and retweets many of his rants, whether comedic or social justice-themed.

However, in due course of her profession, she began working with a man who still has a significant spot in her life, and he is non-other than Louis!

Pamela's return in episode six marked one of the most emotionally charged moments of this season, and their ongoing bromance begs the question: are Louis CK and Pamela Adlon dating in real life?

As it goes with most will-they-won't-the rumors, the short answer is that they're not together ... They don't have a torrid Twitter relationship, and they don't send each other naked Instagrams for everyone to see, but they have been a comedy duo for many years now, and the changing nature of their relationship on a show they both produce tends to raise some questions.

Louis's relationship with Amia is on the rocks after they had sex, and she's bound to leave for Hungary soon.

Meanwhile, Pamela is back in town, and she's ready to start an "adult," "kissing" relationship with Louie, and since the second episode is called "Pamela: Part 1," it seems they might finally get involved.

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Pamela and Louis together attended 'Lullabies and Luxuries'expose of Louis.