Pipe stem dating who is jayson blair dating

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Pipe stem dating

This shape is verified on Comoy´s "Extraordinaire" pipes.

The second version is the same as above but in a "rugby ball " shape.Pipes can also be found with the name stamped across the top of the stem as apposed to along the side. It seems that the “COMOY’S” was stamped as decribed above, with the grade of the pipe (quality) stamped in block letters below.Just after WW II, in 1945 or slightly later, the “COMOY'S” stamp was changed from the fancier curve to a straight line, sans serif, block lettered "COMOYS", with no apostrophe, see No 3 below in "From the 1950s".The slightly fancy “COMOY’S” can be found stamped in a curve, in upper case script with serifs, apostrophe before the “S,” and the “C” larger than the other letters.The arched “COMOY’S” with serifs and apostrophe may have been continued for a short time after the WW I.

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At this time, it can appear as “LONDON” over “MADE” or in a straight line under "Comoy's" in script.