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Kattie the Dream Kitty is the first character you meet upon launching the game.As Air, you are the only human in a land inhabited by animal spirits.There's ever only a maximum of two types of replies and a single correct choice.Unless you stubbornly refuse to switch answers, there's little chance to get it wrong.Talking to a potential love interest consists of picking from a couple of replies.If you manage to pick the one that makes him happy, you will earn some XP.Welcome to Jinx Academy where every boy is hot hot hot and hints they would date you with pleasure! Play along with the captivating story and be with the guy of your dreams!

Being a dating sim, the game ends when you finish a romance with one of Purra's inhabitants.Though the game's simplistic mechanics could use some work, our biggest gripe here are the illustrations.Sometimes, a dating sim is only as good as its visuals and Purra Academy Dating Sim's illustrations aren't even close to being eye candy.We also wouldn't mind an option to change Air's attitude without ending up in a dialogue loop. If you don’t mind the art style and are after a simple, bite-sized game to keep you entertained, then this title is a candidate.Perhaps a sequel would address these issues and add a few new features to keep things interesting. However, if you're looking for a fantasy-themed dating sim with swoon-worthy guys and gals, you may want to try Kingdom Days Sim Date by Pacthesis instead.

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Wish upon the Starry Moon and find true love in Purra Academy Dating Sim.

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