Powerpoint linked chart not updating

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Meaningful facts and data are the basis of any successful presentation.

It can, however, easily occur that old figures have snuck into your presentation.

Since 2001 Sharepoint is the all-rounder for companies. But what if you want to interrupt a video to draw attention to a specific part of the video?

The collaboration application can be used as a social network, intranet portal and content management system. You have a comment or question and would like to include it in the video?

A column with a high value stands next to a column with a low value, making individual values difficult to read. Do you never want to miss a spelling mistake in an e-mail again, combine 3 work steps into one and never miss an appointment again? Not only with Made in Office is Outlook one of the most used tools, almost all companies are confronted with...

If the data in your Excel file has changed, you have the ability to update your chart in Power Point with a single click.

If there are multiple type of graphics in a workbook, and you just want to export all charts across worksheet to a folder as gif of other type of picture, you can use Kutools for Excel's Export Graphics utilty, which only need 3 steps to handle this job .

HI, This trick doesnt work if you want to add new columns. What if there is a data yearwise in columns and every year a new year column is added so how will it get added to the chart ??

If you later modify the underlying Excel data, you can update the linked shape in Power Point/Word with the click of a button to reflect the new data.

Linking between Excel and Power Point/Word is possible with native Office functionality, but the limitations of this functionality render it practically useless.

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