Problems with getting accurate dates from radiometric dating

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The resultant U-Pb and Pb-Pb ages obtained are thus subjective, even though geochronologists take numerous precautions to make the U-Pb and Pb-Pb methods still have a strong semblance of validity.

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These dating methods and the underlying assumptions are reviewed. “Brittle-Ductile Microfabrics in Naturally Deformed Zircon: Deformation Mechanisms and Consequences for U-Pb Dating.” American Mineralogist 97 (10): 1544–1563.

The recognition of Pb loss from minerals after they form to explain discordant dates has resulted in the demonstration that both U and Pb mobility can occur in them.

Ideally, the uncertainty of the decay constants should be negligible compared to, or at least be commensurate with, the analytical uncertainties of the mass spectrometer measurements entering the radioisotope age calculations (Begemann et al. Clearly, based on the ongoing discussion in the conventional literature this is still not the case at present. “Rb-Sr Ages of Igneous Rocks from the Apollo 14 Mission and the Age of the Fra Mauro Formation.” Earth and Planetary Science Letters 12 (1): 36–48.

The stunning improvements in the performance of mass spectrometers during the past four or so decades, starting with the landmark paper by Wasserburg et al.

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The decay of Pb, respectively, forms the basis for one of the oldest methods of geochronology (Dickin 2005, Faure and Mensing 2005, Reiners et al. While the earliest studies focused on uraninite (an uncommon mineral in igneous rocks), there has been intensive and continuous effort over the past five decades in U-Pb dating of more-commonly occurring trace minerals. “U-Pb Dating of Monazite and Its Application to Geological Problems.” Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 27 (11): 1431–1450.

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