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Ps3devwiki validating flash

I want to check what the user is writing in a textbox before I save it in a database. I guess I can always write some ifs or some try-catch blocks, but I was wondering if there's a better method.I've read something about Validating Events, but I am not sure how can I use them. Validating Event When you change the focus by using the keyboard (TAB, SHIFT TAB, and so on), by calling the Select or Select Next Control methods, or by setting the Container Control.UPDATE: ajout des son du coldboot, maintenant la verison a flasher et celle pour CXMB sont identiques (ou presque).

Because of this, we have to include the INDIRECT function as well.

Active Control property to the current form, focus events occur in the following order Enter Got Focus Leave Validating Validated Lost Focus When you change the focus by using the mouse or by calling the Focus method, focus events occur in the following order: Enter Got Focus Lost Focus Leave Validating Validated event provides the hook to perform the validation and Error Provider gives a nice consistent approach to providing the user with feedback on any error conditions.

Darn, it seems you don’t have Flash Player in this browser.

Les fichiers update officiel et le Pro sont bien visibles, j'attends vos réponses pour les fichiers de plug-in et je lance tout ça.

NB: Vu que je n'arrive plus lancer le menu VSH...risque pas d'y avoir un soucis?

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COMMON ISSUES: * Some antivirus block FTP communication between PC (AUtogg) and the console, try to disable it, uninstall it or use another PC.

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