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Introduction Executive summary The benchmark The best method UNION ALL method The worst method Insert records in transaction Indexes and triggers Sample code Conclusion I was writing yet another "insert those records into database" application, and I noticed that the insert performance was really poor.This was not the first time I've encountered the problem, but the first time I decided to deal with it seriously.The target table is described by the following script: for anything bigger than a couple of inserts.It has the best performance in the local case and second-best in the remote case.

It does not really matter for performance whether the INSERT command has parameters or not, but we do want to use parameters for better security and correctness: For commands not specifically enrolled in a transaction, SQL Server will open an implicit transaction. In fact, if we wrap the insertion loop in a transaction, this improves performance by about 20 times!

But it is still not nearly as fast as Every time you insert a record into a table, its indexes are updated and triggers are executed. Whether this overhead is significant depends on the number of indexes and complexity of the triggers.

In my benchmark the table did not have any indexes or triggers on it.

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