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Replying to guests on dating sites

Like this management response on Trip Advisor: “The guest is lying …Why would I do this knowing he might give me a bad online review? I strongly recommend you take up writing fiction for a living.” While many hoteliers have mastered the art of handling on-property complaints, those skills don’t always translate to online.Simply apologize and say you have reviewed the feedback with your team.If the attack is unfair and you feel compelled to express support, say something like, “I was surprised to read your comments regarding our employee, who is one of our best.” Circumstances Beyond Your Control What if the complaint is about noise from a nearby bar, the street or a construction site?Room service is in fact available from am to pm seven days per week.” If the review is outright fraudulent, alert the host site.The integrity of reviews is as important to them as it is to hoteliers and travelers.As with all reviews, you have an internal and an external response.The internal response is how you manage feedback on property.

Occasionally we see comments like this: “John at the front desk was rude and unhelpful.” How to respond?

But the site will want proof, and there’s no guarantee they’ll remove it.

So post a response too, and be diplomatic: “We can find no record of this incident and take such matters seriously.

Offer options, as in this reply: “The local nightlife is indeed vibrant, especially on weekends, which is part of what attracts many of our guests.

We do offer quieter rooms on our south side that can be reserved upon request.” Circumstances Within Your Control Let’s face it: sometimes we simply mess up.

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Every hotel or group will have a different approach, so adapt them to fit the unique personality of your brand.