Sedating a puppy for air travel dating egypt single

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If you’re not ruling out air travel altogether, take the following into account.Your dog should be comfortable in human crowds and behaviorally flexible enough to get through the trip without freaking out or freezing up.In most cases, puppies need to be at least 8 weeks of age of age before they're allowed on a plane.Some airlines, like Delta, will not accept puppies under 10 weeks of age.

According to the website Third, 227 animals were reported to have died or were lost or injured during air transport between May 2005 and February 2010.However, the website argues that that figure may be too low.In any case, airlines have developed procedures that enable them to avoid losing or killing unaccompanied children.If so, leave Zippy home with a pet sitter he knows and likes.Whether you can take your puppy on a plane depends on many factors: how old the puppy is, where you're going, even his vaccination status.

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International flights might also require a health certificate, so if your puppy is sick, he might not be allowed to fly.