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Dan Nicholas, representing PHN, told those at the meeting that the designs are prelimi- nary, and even when one is cho- sen, it will continue to be tweaked. All programs are on a first come first served basis. "Just call 740-2700 or 202-3700 and ask for a current referral list. Monday through Friday at Wesley United Methodist Church in Kenosha, Wis. 1980 Porsche or 1929 Chevy My pet peeve is: Shoddy workmanship My dream vacation would be: Hawaii • If you have a "Neighbor" whom we should profile in this column, call Lake County Journals at (847) 223-8161 or e-mail us at and- [email protected] - i __ . For more information, call Cathy Welch at (847) 245-8115. 4 Mundelein got almost all it could handle in the opening- round matchup. (847)487.0232 GRAYSLAKE/ W1LDWOOD Savanna Ridge Builder's Model, wash/dryer, hardwood firs, granite tops, appls. The boot is a cleanly welded unit, so it can be easily cleaned off and can hold 600 pounds of stress weight, just like the backboards themselves.

"We're very much at the infancy of this project," he said. All programs are on a first come first served basis. ■Bf w^klyjou^^ COMMUNITY ii.i AN/LV Friday/October 27, 2006 ■ Page'A7 I Police Beat People named here have only been charged with these crimes, not convicted. I'm sure we have installed for someone you know or lives near you. you have my 'Signature 1 on it." - "Jfje^^t Wettest, Coyne*. Motorists are warned to be extra cautious that night due to the large volume of children outside that evening on the sidewalks and streets. Monday through Friday at Westosha Community Center in Bristol, Wis. Both locations will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. Call (262) 658-0237 or (866) 658-0237 for more information. For more information, call Jim Gutowski at (847) 265-9491. 22 at Lake Forest Hospital to Laurie and Robert Knepper of Pell Lake, Wis. ■,"' ' " Larry Roehrich of Antioch Township I grew up in: Napoleon, North Dakota My family: My wife is Duke; I have 1 child, Lorenzo, 8. u.-.i, MIUkaaian Bain MAlal Hi|a«^ii ■ •imvtll UJii Mi dl Ea Lja JOcoortn BYLondor The next concert will feature fifth-graders at p.m. SCHOOL DISTRICT 24 Millbum to offer screenings Millburn School District will offer screening for preschoolers with suspected developmental delays. Health office needs Martin School is in need of a part-time nurse and gently-used clothing for the health office. For information, call Steve at (847) 526-1525 or visit It wasn't until 24 seconds were left in the sud- den-death overtime when Ivan Diaz scored the game-winning goal. S1350/mo IGL Real Estate 847-548-5100 GURNEE/WILDWOOD ROYAL OAK APTS. FROM S825 ONE MONTH FREE RENT See office (or details near Gumoo Mills shopping. Gustavsen said he would like to have the boot made out of a light-weight, durable plastic, but the cost to create a mold has prevented him from pursuing that option.

Females are larger; with a trophy-worthy female weighing in at 50 pounds. •Source Christie • [email protected] of Antioch Department of Community Services hosts a press conference at the VFW announcing the musky tournament, which will take place from Nov. (Pictured right to left) Claude Le Mere, community service director, Lenny Szulc, musky fisher, Tim Widlacki, tournament director and Barbara Porch, Antioch Chamber of Commerce President and Village Trustee. This is only one of many rea- sons, Roeker said, why Antioch needs to build the proposed recreation and aquatic center. Vendors, seminars, wine-tasting and chef demonstrations. For more infor- mation, call Kimberly Kreml at (847) 665-4010. Wauconda's 12th victory allowed the Bulldogs to advance to the Warren Regional championship against host Warren. LAKES REGIONAL Grayslake Central 6 Richmond-Burton 1 Despite the game being cal Jed with 12 minutes remain- ing, Grayslake Central still found the time to rattle off six goals for the Lake Regional championship win. Denmark's former master was Captain Vesey (Raoul Johnson), a retired slave run- ner on whose ships Denmark toiled as translator, business aide and personal servant. FOX LAKEffii 5 5 115 Lakeland Plaza ._ Iter 6pm In every auditorium SHOWTIMES-FRIDAY, OCT. 2 SAW III* m Dally FLICKA [pc] Daily THE PRESTIGE* (Pcnj Dally FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS* m Daily THE GRUDGE 2, cm Dally MAN OF THE YEAR [P C .n, Dally THE MARINE [PCD] Daily 9.35 EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH l P0 ,3, Daily 5.05 THE DEPARTED tn] Dally 9:3S OPEN SEASON .pc, Daily B:30 • No or coupon) *r,w^.i. In 2005, PBS broadcasted a reality pro- gram called "Everyday Edisons." The premise of the show is that regular, aver- age people have a little Edison in them. Lilac Apartments qualify for the federal affordable housing tax credit program which makes the housingaffordable to seniors. This fact can prevent varicose vein sufferers from receiving proper diagnosis or guidance on treatment options.

2006 PMTT World Championship Headquarters: Antioch VFW Post 4551, 75 North, Ave. Grand prize: ,000 in cash and goodies Friday, Nov. Registration for partici- pants and dinner 7 to p.m. Roeker was one of a dozen that spoke to members of the Antioch Park Commission dur- ing a public hearing on Monday, Oct. Residents crowded into the Antioch Community High School commons to see Wheaton-based PHN Architects' See the plans fel^v H ■ : . • 15th Annual Skip's Collectible and High Performance Car/Truck Parts Swap Meet and Car Sale. But Warren, which improved to 21-2, was too much for the Bulldogs, posting a 6-1 win. Grayslake's Milan Stupar scored three goals in the win, while Nolan Sandberg, Eric Giron and Mike Davis added goals. Richmond-Burton 2, Lakes 1 Ninth-seeded Lake's' Steve Korosis scored late in the second half to bring his Eagles back in contention with the M lead tie. 7 Richmond-Burton Rockets rat- tled off two of their own for the win. LIBERTYVILLE REGIONAL Lake Forest 1, Mundelein The Libertyville Regional championship went into the third round of shootout kicks, but Lake Forest's Tim Marshal finally found the goal to end Mundelein's season at 8-7-7. Memories of how the human cargo suffered while being transported from the Caribbean, Africa and else- where continue to haunt Denmark, who is frequently visited by apparitions. Smith) for being too timid in his sermons, preaching only "good news" from the New Testament and - to not ruffle an already-skittish white ruling class - avoiding ■'-"■■ I HATED POLICY- ID J Wkl CNIdrnt Ura Jrr G |J«t Allnvmi EARLY BIRO Mnllnoos All Shows EVIorr PM -.00 Admission (Fr- Su) SUPErl SAVErr Matinees - All shows bi-loie YOUM1 AT HEAtl T &PCCHU. "Ordinary people, extraordinary ideas" is the show's tag line. For more informa- tion please call Brandi at 847- .587-8830 or visit the web at Remensnyder, Board Certified Doctor of Audiojogy," established her practice, Hearing Associates, P. The doctor specializes in solutions for better hearing,including the diagnosis and treatment of hearing' loss for: everyone' from infants to the elderly." Her passion is to help Baby Boomers hear more clearly in noisy environ- ment. In addition, some physicians offer treatment themselves; however, if they are not properly trained specifically in vein disorders, they may not be able to provide the most com- prehensive and effective options for their patients.

Sandy Bressner • [email protected] Roeker, coach of the Antioch Waves swim team, addresses the Antioch Park Commission during a public hearing. After living there for over 25 years, she decided she wanted to modernize the interior and chose Signature Flooring & Design to install new five inch wide Brazilian Cherry exotic hardwood floors throughout the living room and dining room, and a rich, thick contemporary shag carpet in the bedrooms and fireplace seating area. "We told them that they outplayed us in the first half and we would have to step up and play hard." Sophomore Greg Gustafson's goal gave the Bulldogs their first lead as Gustafson won a foot race with a Zion defender. TORO® OCR™ POWERLITE* Electric Start • Exclusive Power Curve* rotor system cle:in's down to the pavement • 98 cc engine • 16" clearing width • Folding handle for easy, compact storage • Throws snow up to 25 feet Model 3B182 '399* TORO® CCR™ 3650 GTS® Exclusive 14 1 cc R-tck* engine comes with 5 year 2 pull starting guarantee** 20" clearing width Throws snow up to 35 feet Self-propelling action for easy handling 2 year full warranty** Model 38517 TORO® OCR" 2450 GTS® Exclusive powerful R-tek" engine Throws snow up to 36 feet Patented Power Curve* rotor system cleans down to the pavement 5 year starting guarantee** BOYS SOCCER ROUNDUP Corsairs, Rams earn regional hardware TORO® POWER THROW® 522 5 lip Tecumseh* Snow King" engine 22" clearing width Throws snow up to 30 feet Three forward speeds, one reverse Electric start standard 2 -year IUIX warranty, including pick-up & delivery* Model 38515 NO s 899* NISRP SS99 com Model 38605 l Af E OFFER" Ffft Ef H PROFESSIONAL ASSEMBLY ON EVERY TORO* SNOWTHROWER Cup to vnluo) ►ANTIOCH* ANTIOCH SMALL ENGINE REPAIR ■insanity n:i (I Mil,, Soulli of Hi. 847-223-6333 •GURNEE* Mc CLURES GARAGE SALES & SERVICE ■I4(KI Cf Ptill As,ii. 10 Lake Forest in the opening round of the Libertyville Regional. In April 2005, Gustavsen had his "re- movable rescue board," or the "back board boot" as he calls it, patented. Do you use ultrasound to eval- uate the extent of my vein disease beyond those problem veins that are visible?

Barnes, Harris and Hasek could be sentenced to seven to 25 years in prison for bank rob- bery and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence, Collins said. Harris is also charged with felony possession of a firearm, for which he could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. Hasek, who was pregnant at the time of the robberies, drove the getaway cars used in both crimes. 5k • 10k • 20k -25k Miles • Inspect heater operation • Retilco " cooing system S install cooling system treatment/sealer 95! Coupons cannot be combined with any other oiler or SERUICE INCLUDES: • Up to 4 quarts of Genuin B Toyota oil • Genuine Toyota filter element with anti-drain back valve and installation • Lubrication (when applicable) • Check all fluid levels "Service While You Wart" special and cannot be applied to previous purchases. The fish are very territorial, swim- ming in familiar areas, and attacking those it finds both threatening and tasty. "It was nasty, like 'Jaws.'" Claude Le Mere, Antioch's community services director, said muskies have been known to attack swimmers, and he even saw one eat a squirrel that had fallen into a lake. "Our goal is not only to get them here once, but more than once," she said. This species of fish does not have large numbers, and has trouble surviving long enough outside water to be weighed and measured, Widlacki said. • Lake County Chamber of Commerce networkers group meeting. Naolhu, 6-4, 4-6,6-1 DOUBLES Allison Strakusek/Taylor Ackermann - Warren Jenna Bounds/Emily Isaacs (Rock Island) d. Parker/Runge, 6-1, 6-0 6-0 Rachael White (Deerfield) d. Parker/Runge, 6-0, 6-3 Alice Wang/Rachel Fallos - Warren Jennifer Isaacs/Lauren Levinson d. "It was always fun, so I figured they'd enjoy it, too," Pepe said. Bulimics have a warped self image as well, but put more emphasis on dissatisfaction 1 with their body and body shape. "The investigation is far from complete and we're still developing leads and identify- ing victim banks," Becker said. State's Attorney in north- ern Indiana, said she is prose- cuting the crimes. Inspect S assess condition of the following: • Echaust System • Belts 6 Hoses • Steering System • Shock Absorber System Adjust and/or verify the following: • Tire Condition • Tire Pressure Tax if. Cannot be combined with any other oiler or special and cannot be applied to previous purchases Valid only al Fox Lake Toyota. lor one *T t Vc Hiifi Mio John Rung - Group Publisher Chris Krug • Croup Editor I LAKE COUNTY OURNALS Larry Lough- General Manager and Editor — Lake County KIDS GATHER FOR ANTI- VIOLENCE PARADE PAGEA20 DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. We're small, but we got a lot under our belt." —Derek Nelson junior at Lakes Community High School and assistant director for the school's play "Noises Off" (see story on A8) Page AS LAKE COUNTY JOURNALS Friday, October 27*2006 AN Preparing for a world championship Musty hunters from around globe converge in Antioch . The Ingleside fisherman has become one of the best musky hunters in the world, and will be part of one of the 50 teams competing during the Professional Musky Tournament Trail's 2006 World Championship. The winner will receive ,000 in cash and prizes. A perfect regular season is definitely a nice notch on any football player's belt, but Kennedy insists that the work has just begun. There's nothing like it, especially in my senior season," Kennedy said. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY AM TO 8 PM • SATURDAY AM TO PM • SUNDAY 11 AM TO 5 PM ROUND LAKE BEACH 847-546-8582 J'"(vj ! 1-866-395-5511 n Mnniui MThi HCMUMNia IYi Aiii'iiicr. 1 BB E* 7 *^ \ * ^ j ,weeklyjourogls.comy: LAKE-COUNTYd OURNALS SPORTS AN/LV Fridayr October,27,2006.'ifage A33 Crosstown Classic Annie Christie - [email protected]'s Mandi Baumgartner goes for the set against Lake Forest at the Crosstown Classic at Libertyville High School. air, wind and fire, and that vari- Annle Christie - [email protected] Conrad, 2, plays with her decorated mini pumpkin during the Waukegan Public Library's Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Contest. ous items on the altar during the skull mask event at the library were used to represent these elements. Anorexia is marked by avoid- ing high-calorie foods, starva- tion and extreme exercise regi- mens. Titof Ji,; i Lake Forest Hospital offers comprehensive breast care in the comfort of your community.Jerrod Reddix, of Gary, is in custody for his suspected role in the additional crimes. Reddix has been charged with felony possession, of a firearm, Collins said. .» mf t M l ICZII — B Mc Hen0.ah& Vtzv ™ v:.'v^: uf Itreiikfitst tit V Whistle Sttw! By TARA CLIFTON [email protected] - Lenny Szulc, 63, has mas- tered a beast. The musky has quite a reputation among Fishers, especially those who track the fresh water dwellers. Local business owners promote their businesses and exchange leads. For more information, call Dennis Dean at (847)231-3009. p.m., peer-to-peer discussion and socializing; , meeting, first Fridays. "Now, there's only one thing to do and that's win state." I .:,i. Girls tennis: Area state finalists SINGLES £■** 260 Larkdale Row • Wauconda, IL 847-487-8400 60084 h Darlene Naolhu - Grayslake Centra! Regina Wu (Mattoon), 6-1, 3-6, Lynne Poggensee-Wel - Grayslake Central 6-1 Poggensee-Wei d. "The flowers on the altar represent Mother Nature, the candles represent fire, the tissue paper symbolizes air, and the water is used to show the cycle of life, where you are continuously renewed," she said. Everyone celebrates it." Camacho also explained that Dia de los Muertos is a two-day celebration. Anorexics see them- selves as overweight, even when they are actually quite thin. t\ ) m m Beth Anne Sylvester Cook, MD1* Radiology, Co -Director pre^st CQe'ttej" ttike Forest Ho^iua Jennifen Tepper; RIM MSN, APIM Nucse Nlaviqato V ' 2005 i I 2006 NATIONAL RESEARCH CORPORATION ,■-''. Our Breast Center offers unsurpassed -expertise; the latest technology, and a Nurse Navigator to guide you as -■a.m'ultidisppiinary team of physicians directs your course of treatment Your Nurse Navigator will answer questions, offer insight,' coordinate physician appointments and make sure ydu never feel-alone.Fellow Arbors of Windmill Creek resident James Freedman also had concerns with the plans. Gautam, 21, 23000 block of Cheasapeake, Kildeer, driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane use, Oct 14. John returned all of my calls and followed through on everything he said he would do. Fox Lake Volunteer Fire Department, 114 Washington St. NO MONEY DOWN, NO INTEREST IF PAID IN FULL within 12 monthst u THE SNOW WON'T WAIT. "For most of the first half, we played really well and denied most of [Waukegan's] chances. Current residence: Lived in the Mundelein and Round Lake Area for 14 years Job: Serves as a lieutenant at the Elk Grove Village Fire Department, where he has worked for 17 years Family: Six-year-old daughter, Maren, and a 4-year-old son, Kaleb tricky proposition to pick the board up and not have the patient slide down and get their arms and neck caught up in the board's straps. Over 4 million women who thought they coufd never get fit have discovered they can at Curves. ■ * * Make sure there's friendly staff to help when you need It. Plus, the machines automatically adjust to iyour workout level. When you're ready, call Curves and discover what over 4 million women already know: There's only one Curves. "This hearing and the draw- ings are putting the cart before the horse," Freedman said. Schultz, 37, 33669 Oakland Drive, Gages Lake, pos- session of marijuana. Dupuis, 19, 24000 block of 119th Street, Trevor, Wis., Oct. DUI Ryan I Runyard, 19, 400 block of Edgewood Drive, Antioch, driv- ing under the influence of alco- hol, speeding, improper lane use, Oct. After talking with John, I spoke with other stores and 3 out of 4 agreed that he was correct, I needed engineered wood. [Goalie] Jack Barrett only had to make a couple of saves." While Lake Forest controlled the tempo of the game, Waukegan actually struck first as Castrohon scored with . Lake Forest's Alex Bennatan answered back 14 minutes later and James Amato finished up the scoring to give Lake Forest the 2-1 lead. - Gustavsen said once a backboard is screwed into the boot, paramedics can pick up the patient as if they were strapped onto a handcart, kind of like Dr. • 7.-O0AH - 7«)PM Friday £' Ti / S 6 i o e HZ e s l 6/9 Z. The^taff at Curves is dedicated to helping you stick' to your plan and reach your goals. ; ' ••'• ■-■-■■•- ■ - • ■ & Are die machines designed just for you? * Will you be able to find a place to work out when you travel?

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in Antioch Sponsors: Village of Antioch, Antioch Chamber of Commerce, Raymond Chevrolet in Antioch, and Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake. ,.■:.- To get copies of the 9 conceptual designs for the Winnie Sorenson Aquatic Center and recreational facility, call the Village of Antioch at (847)395*1000. The site lays on 20 acres of land at 22821 West North Ave. The Blue Devils scored five unanswered goals in the first half. In the regional semifinals, Wauconda junior goalie Eugene Nagawiecki turned back Zion's best chance early on a penalty kick. Grayslake Central 3, Antioch Central's Sandberg started off the scoring and assisted in two other goals to lead the No. Stupar and Chris Blevins also scored for the Grayslake win. WARREN REGIONAL Warren 6, Wauconda 1 Warren senior Brandon Fox scored three of the Blue Devils' five goals in the first half to lead the top-seeded team. Condos/Townhomes For Rent 7300 ANTIOCH - 3 BDRM, 2.5 BA, 2 car gar, 1 yr now. Living as a freeman and working as a carpenter, Denmark (Anthony Fleming III) sets his sights on buying freedom for Beck (Velma Austin), a young woman kept in the household of aging Colonel Monroe (Joe Van Slyke). ■ Sniaruf H u M 5-K*int Frkltyi UPCOMING TIU1S OEGIfl AT ADVERTISED SHOWTIMES Still playing The Departed: R Employee of the Month: PG-13 The Grudge 2: PG-13 Gridiron Gang: PG-13 The Guardian: PG-13 Open Season: PG Flicka: PG Flags of our Fathers: R Little Children: R Marie Antoinette: PG-13 The Illusionist: PG-13 The Prestige: PG-13 KEGAL. Unlike the ABC program "American Inventor," brought to us by British Simon Cowell, "Everyday Edisons" is not de- signed to humiliate contestants. 28, producers will hold auditions at the WTTW channel 11 studio in downtown Chicago. The new Delta, a Personal Hearing Device, incorpo- rates Artificial Intelligence with voice finding technology and noise suppression, to maximize the Baby Boomer's hearing clarity. Sperlings' Best Places recently ranked the most and least stressful cities in America, See. TOP FIVE MOST STRESSFUL CITIES Tacoma, Washington Miami, Florida New Orleans, Louisiana Las Vegas, Nevada New York, New York TOP FIVE LEAST STRESSFUL CITIES Albany-Schenectady-Troy, New York Harrisburg-Lebanbn-Carlisle, Pennsylvania Orange County, California Nassau-Suffolk, New York Minneapolis-St, Paul, Minnesota don't believe everything you hear, but h ear everything patient wearing s Persona! Considering these factors, how does a consumer choose the most appropriate physician and the best possible treatment op- tion? Lindenhurst, IL 60046 847-265-7176 - Open All Ejay!

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