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I strongly recommend storing Bit Locker recovery passwords in Active Directory to avoid data loss as a result of lost startup keys or forgotten PINs.The procedure for configuring the Active Directory to store Bit Locker passwords is much too long to include in this article, but you can find the procedure here.Existing installations of Log Writer will continue to function as usual.During an upgrade from Sophos Enterprise Console 4.x or Sophos Control Center 4.x, you will be asked to enter a database account.By using Multiple IIS sites from one server you can also gain very granular control as that what is enabled or disabled. This improved performance until disc space had gotten so low that SUM would time out when ever it tried to contact Sophos.From the Actions Pane select Limits Specify the relevant limits you want to apply, they can be done individually or you can apply all 4. Most role features can be left out as this will be a very basic IIS site 3. To allow editing of the update configuration you need to edit the iconn.What are the odds, do you think, that the user has the recovery password in his possession and stores the recovery password in a responsible manner?

Minimum database size The computer where you place the database (which may be the same computer as the computer where Enterprise Console is installed or a different one) needs a minimum of 1 GB disk space for data.

Years ago, HPe released the GL200 firmware for their HPe MSA 2040 SAN that allowed users to provision and use virtual disk groups (and virtual volumes).

Access testimonies and predictions from our experts on the future of Windows 10, so you can determine if the benefits and features available in the new OS are worth the potential drawbacks and migration challenges for your organization.

Bit Locker, a security feature introduced by Windows Vista, makes it possible to encrypt a workstation's system drive.

This is often the same user who forgot the PIN or misplaced the startup key.

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Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved.