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Stop dating losers

Your methodical and meticulous and have tried all the best online dating sites yet you still keep finding losers.

You spend the time screening your prospects Jason Bourne style, before even meeting.

Most people don’t have a clear understanding of who they are wanting to meet and even if they did, don’t stick to it anyway. There are those times when, regardless of your best efforts, your once-hopeful prospect doesn’t want to see you again. Stand right back up and push onto the next contender.

If you don’t know already, figure out exactly who you are, what your values are, what you want for the future, where you’re heading, your likes and dislikes, and what’s important to you.

A therapist may be helpful in supporting you to clear out the old and bring in a fresh new, and a more content outlook.

A male bestie of mine once had a first date with a lady who started crying 30 minutes in.

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Is this actually you or an image of yourself that you’d really like to be?

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