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His brother claimed that I said something that he didn't of his ex-girlfriends... Another reason for the break up is that I was too sensitive and clingy... This man says he loves me one day, kisses me, and shows me affection..when we start to get close again, he backs off.

I am on a roller coaster, and want it to be resolved, but he says that he is still not sure what's going on or what is going to happen.

Dear Abby, For a marriage to be even somewhat successful, it requires that each partner have a high level of maturity.

It would appear that your friend is more interested in the easy and practical conquests he is having with you, than in his culture, religion or your feelings.

Unfortunately, this says to me that your relationship with him is little more than an Americanized 'friend with benefits,' regardless of the fact that you have become emotionally involved with him.

You need to ask yourself, is the kind of arrangement you can live with forever?

One sure way for getting off this roller coaster ride is to confront your boyfriend and telling him you are no longer willing to continue dating in secrecy.

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While it won't be easy for you to take the stand, nothing will change unless you do.