The box constantly updating Play boy vueb cam chat

Posted by / 08-Aug-2020 23:34

You could download the latest DJI Assistant 2 using the link below. I will coordinate this with our designated department for further help.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we receive the feedback from our team. I just got my Smart Controller yesterday and it does EXACTLY the same thing. Im just going to try to fly it without the new firmware unless DJI steps up.

If yes, did you try to remove the SD card and re-upgrade the firmware again? https://com/mavic-2/info#downloads Hi, we're sorry to know about the problem that you've encountered during the firmware upgrade.

You could download the latest DJI Assistant 2 using the link below. I would like to ask what was the firmware version that you've managed to download?

Ifor the past month I have been trying to update the latest firmware 0.400 even with DJI assistant 2 and no luck. I have been tolerating these issues, but when you get into 10-15 hours of attempting to get it to work properly it becomes unacceptable. Also I just tried to do another .0400 update through DJI ASSISTANT 2 because the smart controller popped up telling to do so.

DJI will be getting a call Monday I followed the steps Drone Zone had suggested and it worked. I ignored all of the pop ups and went through DJI assistant 2 and ran the download and it worked.

You would think DJI would do a test run with the software before their consumers deal with it. Let’s hope the date on the flight is accurate and not 1-18-2013. I’ll keep you updated Hi, we're sorry for the late response.

Then a few days ago a notification on the controller said there was an updated. Im sure when I go fly tomorrow the date will be the same.

And yes I have changed the date on the controller and is current.

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