The dating goddess

Posted by / 17-Jun-2020 15:23

Here are a few subtle details that you should use to attain a sex goddess status, without always taking a man to bed.

Work on your dressing style What you wear plays a big part in being a sexy seductress.

Always look sexy and glamorous no matter what you’re doing.

So if you want to be a desirable sex goddess, you need to be sexy, and lose the cute girl tag.

The next time you have a conversation with a man, touch him now and then on his arms or back as you talk to him.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re trying hard to touch him.

Every man wants to be with a sex goddess and every woman wants to be one.

But then, who is a sex goddess really, and what makes her so different from the others?

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Instead, play it calm and use an excuse to gently graze your palm against his arm while pointing at something.