Tips dating someone with bipolar

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Tips dating someone with bipolar

As a patient, your perception of your illness defines your success in life and relationships.If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, or you would like to find out more information about these conditions, you may find it helpful to talk to your doctor or local medical health professional.

After an episode, remind them the next day of their actions (they may forget) and gently recommend seeing a doctor if the behavior persists.

When you fall in love with someone, that person becomes more than just a part of your world; that person becomes an extension of who you are and you just want to have a smooth sailing relationship and stability.

While we aim for an ideal relationship, it’s also a fact that there’s no perfect relationship because trials and arguments will always be there but what if your relationship trials are different?

Take ownership of your actions in the same way anyone else would in any other relationship. Stress, drugs, alcohol, drastic changes in treatment — these are all possibilities that provoke an episode. Ask what early indicators might be such as sudden mood changes, unusual hyperactivity, lack of sleep or change in appetite. It’s not uncommon for the non-BP partner to make all the important decisions, such as where to go for dinner, managing the finances, and imposing their will.

Make it clear that these things are not causes of your illness, but things the two of you should be aware of together. Like in any other relationship, you have to be constant. Control is not done with bad intentions, but it makes it harder to have a healthy, balanced relationship. Instead, offer support and talk about the disorder openly.

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