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Twitter not updating timeline

Since that service is shutting down, it will render the watch app nearly useless without rebuilding it from the ground up.We've determined that the amount of development time and effort required for such a task is simply not economically viable at this time.Out of these models, the Mi TV 4A Pro and the Mi TV 4C Pro are the two variants which have already started receiving the Android Pie updates.

If you swipe to other tweets, a rewind button appears that’ll take you back to where you started. Center Stage isn’t just for your timeline - from a profile screen, you can tap on any of the thumbnails and enter Center Stage where you can see the tweet that the image was attached to as well as swipe through their other recent media tweets without even having to open a timeline.

Twitter's rollout of this shutdown was done in stages so that the affected services would flicker 'on' and 'off' with increasingly long 'off' durations until finally remaining 'off' permanently.

The final shutdown date has now arrived and as a result we have removed all of the features from Twitterrific that had become increasingly unreliable over the previous week. Workaround: Install Twitter's official app and enable the notifications you wish to receive.

If you have purchased push notifications in the past, both the notifications and the Today view will keep working for as long as we can keep them working.

The watch OS app was originally written in such a way that it depended on the data from the push notification service.

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Ollie pressed his feather quill on the screen and sighed while trying to think of something clever to tweet. Suddenly he had a vision of a wonderful and mysterious new place filled with fun and distraction!

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