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I came across this error when I was trying to update data in a local Access table by using the matching data in a linked table in Oracle.

Likewise, to add the date and time, follow steps 1 through 4, then after choosing your date/time Format, set the Default Value to =Now(). Here’s how your properties window will look with the date and time displayed.

Update Cursor(fc, fields) as cursor: # For each row, evaluate the WELL_YIELD value (index position # of 0), and update WELL_CLASS (index position of 1) for row in cursor: if (row[0] import arcpy workspace = 'c:/data/output.gdb' fc = 'c:/data/base.gdb/roads' fields = ['ROAD_TYPE', 'BUFFER_DISTANCE'] # Create update cursor for feature class with for row in cursor: # Update the BUFFER_DISTANCE field to be 100 times the # ROAD_TYPE field.

Update Cursor(fc, fields) as cursor: # Update the field used in Buffer so the distance is based on road # type. row[1] = row[0] * 100 cursor.update Row(row) # Buffer feature class using updated field values arcpy.

) instead of a list of fields if you want to access all fields from the input table (raster and BLOB fields are excluded).

However, for faster performance and reliable field order, it is recommended that the list of fields be narrowed to only those that are actually needed. Additional information can be accessed using tokens (such as An optional pair of SQL prefix and postfix clauses organized in a list or tuple.

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FSCID IS NOT NULL AND APFF.[Change In So R - Text] This line does not refer to Share Point's system-generated ID column.

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