Updating pidgin

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Updating pidgin

If I sign out and sign back in, it will properly display the statuses at the time of sign in. The libpurple-based client doesn't see status changes of others. Yes, this happens to all users using libpurple-based applications. Another interesting piece of information: It seems that libpurple users are displaying properly.As in, I can see people sign in and out who use libpurple clients, however I can't see status updates for people using Spark.The following options are available: Use the following steps to configure the support repository, if you want to update your Oracle Solaris 11 FCS release.

If a package is constrained, an appropriate message indicating why it has been constrained is provided.From the debug log, it seems it's getting the status update, but choking on parsing the xml.I wonder if spark is sending status updates in a different way than libpurple?I've already been reading the devel mailing list through the archives for a while but I don't subscribe to it because of the ridiculous hatemail that seems to fill up a large portion of it (like the whole "Developers, Community, Progress" thread). Among others, it introduces some features, that will help us dealing with connection errors (see 1102, 1104, 1105 on svn).

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