Updating records in access church clergy dating member

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Updating records in access

As you insert data into one field, you can just select Tab on the keyboard to move to the next field.

Microsoft Access is a very powerful tool for tracking everything from a personal book library to your entire small business.

Forms: Forms in MS Access are the basically used for displaying the item for which you are looking.

There is of course an ID for the job (Just not shown, no need to be visible), but how would I access this to perform an operation on it?

I'm more or less looking for a resource (or keywords to search) so I can figure this out on my own Thank you!

UPDATE: Once I hit okay on the frm Proj Msg Box it fills out text boxes that have controls on frm Project to create the parent record (i think that's the term) in tbl Project. I would like access to go out to the tbl Milestones_Inf and match the project type (child record? It would then add 4-5 records based on matching Project Type on the Milestone_Inf table.

I have a fairly complex database with a main input menu.

I update a field in the main input menu that is supposed to be linked to a table, it’s a company name.

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Basically there are two basic types of forms: If you are a newbie Access user or not very familiar with the concept behind relational database.