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These features also make Java programs highly resistant to the stack-smashing [4] and buffer overflow attacks possible in the C and to a lesser extent C programming languages.The explicit static typing of Java makes code easy to understand (and facilitates static analysis), and the dynamic checks ensure unexpected conditions result in predictable behavior.These guidelines are intended to help developers build secure software, but they do not focus specifically on software that implements security features.Therefore, topics such as cryptography are not covered in this document (see [9] and [10] for information on using cryptography with Java).While adding features to software can solve some security-related problems, it should not be relied upon to eliminate security defects.This document has been updated to cover some of the new features included in Java SE 11.If a sandboxed applet or application attempts to execute security-sensitive code, the JRE will throw a security exception.

These bugs can potentially be used to steal confidential data from the machine and intranet, misuse system resources, prevent useful operation of the machine, assist further attacks, and many other malicious activities.

The language is type-safe, and the runtime provides automatic memory management and bounds-checking on arrays.

Java programs and libraries check for illegal state at the earliest opportunity.

The most extreme form of this is known as the principle of least privilege.

Using the Java security mechanism this can be implemented statically by restricting permissions through policy files and dynamically with the use of the mechanism (see Section 9).

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However, these guidelines are also applicable to software written for previous versions of Java.

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