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Wechat sex phone

Friend radar Activating the radar at the same time, you and your friend will be able to find and add each other.

Scan the QR code This will open your camera with a central square where you can scan the QR code of the person you want to add.

This article will only deal with the use of the application for a private user, allowing for the discovery of the functions it has available.

Installation and use are easy, and even though it still hasn’t taken off in Europe, it is truly an app with lots of possibilities.

After opening the application, you’ll encounter a page that will ask you if you want to log in or sign up. If, instead you already have an account, just log in with your personal information: user name and password (if you forgot your password, you can also access your account through your user name or telephone number, following the guided procedure).

Going back to the registration: after having clicked the registration button, the app will ask you to insert some of your personal information, specifically the area in which you live and your telephone number (to which your prefix will automatically be added).

To write all you have to do is type in your text through the keyboard that will appear in the box.After you see their profile, choose it and send a friend request.Alternatively you can also choose the heading “add contacts” in the upper right hand part of the section “new friends”, and add friends through one of the following buttons.Alternatively you could start the process I just described through this link, but personally, I would recommend that you go through the market.Once you finish with this procedure, choose the heading for opening the app and start by creating an account, which is essentially your own personal section inside the platform, through which you can take advantage of the various services available.

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To call up the QR code and have your friends scan it, all you have to do is go to “my ID We Chat” on the same page, or go through “Me”, clicking on your own profile, “my QR code”. Cellular contact If when creating your account you didn’t give consent to read your contacts, you’re still in time to change your mind, and have your contacts read now.

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