Who is joey jordison dating

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Who is joey jordison dating

It was widely noted that Joey was looking overweight and far from healthy during Scar The Martyr’s debut UK tour, but the conclusions that most people were jumping to – in essence, that he had a problem with drugs and/or drink – were completely off target.

“The narrative really came from me working my way through the repercussions of a really toxic relationship. I didn’t realize there was a linear message going on until we all sat down and listened to it and that made it feel like a story.Instead, this is what he describes as “an opportunity to tell everyone what the fuck has been going on”.And it’s almost certainly not what anyone is expecting.“It was at the end of the memorial shows we did for Paul,” Joey begins, referencing the death of bandmate Paul Gray and the subsequent world tour that began in the summer of 2011 and continued until August 2012.Joey even claims to have written and demoed a batch of new material, aided by Slipknot’s then-touring bassist Donnie Steele, and circulated it among his bandmates in an attempt to get the compositional ball rolling.But, according to the drummer, no one got back to him to discuss the new songs: subtle evidence, perhaps, that wires were distinctly crossed.“They got confused about my health issues, and obviously even I didn’t know what it was at first,” Joey sighs. But the love in my heart for those guys, that stays the same.”It is at this point that Metal Hammer asks the inevitable and unavoidable question: despite everything that has happened, would Joey be willing to rejoin Slipknot further down the line?

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Thus began an extremely lengthy, challenging and physically exhausting regime of physical and occupational therapy, as Joey tried to summon the energy and determination to beat the bizarre neurological condition that had wrenched the carpet from under his feet and left him both horribly vulnerable and understandably bewildered.

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