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In 1991, he became the branch manager of the Bank of America. After leaving CNN in 2004, the veteran meteorologist joined WSI incorporation and served there as a meteorologist for two years.

During his time at WSI, he organized the daily live weather forecasts for Fox News Channel from WSI studios.

In December 2016, the news regarding Rick Reichmuth being married flared in the media.

The journalist was spotted with his wedding band which consequently made everybody suspicious about the new move.

Rick Reichmuth embarked his professional career as a production coordinator for CNN based in Atlanta.

He has worked as a live weather presenter for Weather Services International in Andover and as a freelance weather host for WFXT-FOX 25 in Boston.

Later, the veteran journalist attended Georgia State University and Mississippi State University to complete his broadcast meteorology program.

He has worked in the prestigious networks including CNN, Fox News Channel, and WFXT- FOX.In the next year, in 2006, Rick became the chief meteorologist at Fox News Channel.Currently, he managed the all on- and off-field weather coverage, including major weather stories such as hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, floods, fires, blizzards, and other natural disasters.Previously, he has also served as a weather anchor at CNN and as a meteorologist at WSI Corporation.In addition, Rick has also worked at the Bank of America as the Branch Manager for almost nine years.

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He has served as a weather presenter for CNN Headline News and CNN International in Atlanta.

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