Whos dating rachel armstrong in summer bay

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However, Matthew got the shock of his life when Lila told him that he was indeed the father of her child, and this put a major strain of his relationship to Sofia.Sofia and Matthew consumated their relationship, and this made Lila green with envy.Matt was attacked in the alley of Carlino's in June 1998.At the Lumina Ball, Lila and Matt were trapped in an elevator, where Lila gave birth to their daughter, Jasmine Rachel Cassandra Cory.If disabled the content or the functionality of the website can be limited or unavailable. Please enable Java Script in your browser for the best possible experience. Antthony Design Originals Anuschka Colleen Lopez Collection Curations Diane Gilman Dooney & Bourke G by Giuliana IMAN Labellum by Hillary Scott Lemon Way Marla Wynne Modern Soul Motto Patricia Nash Rhonda Shear Sheryl Crow Slinky Brand Vince Camuto Yummie bare Minerals Beauty Bio Beekman 1802 Benefit Cosmetics Carol's Daughter Drybar IT Cosmetics Korres Lancôme Perlier Prai Signature Club A SKINN Cosmetics Smashbox Stri Vectin Too Faced Tweak'd by Nature Ybf 0 ? Rachel's current husband at the time, Mac Cory, adopted Matthew as his own.

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Matthew Maienczyk (1980 - 1982) Christian Maurice (1982) Alexander Parker (1982 - 1985) Daniel Dale (September 1986 - December 1987) Matt Crane (March 1988 - March 1997) Brian Krause (September 1997 - March 1998) Jeff Phillips (March 1998 - December 1998) Matt Crane (December 1998 - June 1999) Mitch Blake (father) Rachel Cory (mother) Loretta Fowler (paternal grandmother) Sam Fowler (paternal half-uncle) Alli Fowler (paternal half-cousin) Gerald Davis (maternal grandfather; deceased) Ada Hobson (maternal grandmother; deceased) Nancy Mc Gowan (maternal half-aunt) Pammy Davis (maternal half-aunt) James Gerald Frame (maternal half-brother) Steven Frame (maternal half-nephew) Amanda Cory (maternal half-sister) Alli Fowler (maternal half-niece) Elizabeth Hutchins (maternal half-sister) Cory Hutchins (maternal half-brother) Sam Lucas (maternal great-uncle) Susannah Lucas (maternal second cousin) Matthew became a child out of an affair when his mother, Rachel Cory, had an affair with Mitch Blake.Continue reading The Taliban launched the “massive attack” from several different points around the city overnight, said Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, spokesman for the provincial police chief, who reported “intense gun battles” around the city. Continue reading Fort Pierce, home to 50,000 people, a bustling marina and an idyllic Main Street, enjoyed decades without impact from major hurricanes, which gave residents a false sense of security. He had no intention of pulling back on import taxes set to kick in Sunday.Continue reading Brazil’s National Space Research Institute says fires have increased about 80% in Brazil this year when compared to the same period last year. Continue reading An official with the Lyon regional administration told The Associated Press that one suspected assailant was detained and at least one other suspect in the attack on Saturday was on the run. Continue reading Satellite images and co-ordinates showed the existence of three paramilitary camps training 200 armed men along the border inside Colombia, according to Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez. Continue reading Longtime Raptors forward Jonas Valanciunas, who was shipped to Memphis hasn’t received official notice from Toronto on whether he’ll receive an NBA championship ring. Continue reading The Taliban launched the “massive attack” from several different points around the city overnight, said Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, spokesman for the provincial police chief, who reported “intense gun battles” around the city.

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The two eventually broke up after Matthew realized that Sofia was not over Nick Hudson.