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Whos keana reeves the actor dating

He has three step-sisters from different step-fathers he had in the past.Jeniffer Syme, who then worked as a production assistant and part-time actress,dated Keanu back in 1995.She went on to marry a fourth husband, Jack Bond – a hairdresser. Throughout all these travels and change in stepfathers, within five years, Reeves had attended four high schools.

While Jennifer was returning home from Marilyn Manson’s party, she died in a car accident.

The strain resulting from this loss resulted in their breakup weeks later.

You Might Also Like: Jeremy Wade Married, Wife, Net Worth, Family, House, Personal Life Jennifer Syme had an accident while driving alone on Los Angeles’s Cahuenga Boulevard.

See Also: Aldis Hodge Bio, Married, Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend The young Keanu Reeves moved around the world a lot with his family, living with several stepfathers.

After the divorce of his parents, in 1966, Keanu’s mother became a costume designer and they all moved to Sydney, and later to New York City where she married another man, Paul Aaron – a Broadway and Hollywood director. A year later, though, the couple was divorced, having moved to Toronto.

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Just after the release of that movie, he moved to Los Angeles. Keanu Reeves has enjoyed massive success in blockbuster movies, notably film and went on to earn a total of USD $35 million after the movie became a big hit.

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