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“I get more heated about politics than she does, but we both [try to] keep each other updated without getting too deep into it because it will just upset us.We separate ourselves by taking social media breaks.He couldn’t really offer advice, not because he didn’t want to but because he had never been in my position.By comparison, when I dated a black woman shortly after, she could better empathize with my stories, because they were hers too.But I didn’t say that — I just never spoke to her again.Although I’ve never been in a long-term interracial relationship, I imagine that the dynamics are highly influenced by our current political climate.Sometimes we won’t agree but we’ll let it go.”She observes the intrinsic merit of having a person in her life with different beliefs but also recognizes that her relationship dynamic may not work for everyone.“Value the experience of hearing what [the other person] has to say, get some insight, and try not to make things about a specific political party,” she advises.

“Dalia is optimistic about what is to come, and I admire that about her.I wasn’t required to clarify that when I said white people shouldn’t use slurs, I wasn’t implying something hostile about her behavior.I didn’t have to specify that I wasn’t angry at all white people.During a one-night stand with a white woman, she began crying, saying that sometimes she “hated being white.” She wanted me to reassure her that it was okay for her to have privileges I don’t.But crying about my own status in that way would be like meeting a disabled person and complaining about being able-bodied.

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She knew that I was frustrated with a system that awards privilege based on something as arbitrary as skin color. There was space to vent without having to reassure someone through their guilt or discomfort.