Working models and relationship quality in dating couples

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They help you advance your career and would not exist if not for your job.Personal relationships at work are those you have in the workplace for social reasons.They don’t impact your job other than they improve workplace satisfaction (by up to 96 percent! These categories of work relationships are not mutually exclusive–some people will fall into both the professional and personal categories.These are the truly important relationships that make work fun and productive.

It’s similar in intimacy to that of an Office Spouse, but it serves you professionally.You likely wouldn’t be friends with them if not for your mutual employment of each other at the same company, but they serve as our support system during the corporate hours.#4 Manager/Direct Report Type: Professional Description: Your Manager is the one assigning you the work, helping you succeed and ultimately impacting the work you do (and don’t do).Your mentor is that person you go to for career guidance and help on the toughest-of-the-tough problems.Your mentee is the one coming to you for that advice.

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#3 Work Friends Type: Personal Description: Work Friends are people who you interact with socially at work–you sit by them in meetings, go to lunch together, talk to them at work events and happy hours, and possibly even see them outside of work every now and then.